Get Started

Want to buy NFTs or cryptocurrency, but you’re lost? Here’s what I would have done (in this order) if I had to start over. Links are just a start– do your own research to find resources that meet your learning needs.

Brush Up on Blockchain. Web3 is built on blockchain technology, so it’s good to have a basic understanding of this. My pic to get started: Blockchain Expert Explains One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty.

Develop a Personal Scam Detector. The predators are waiting for you to slip up so they can steal your assets. Learn how to avoid scams. My pic to get started: Crypto Scams to Avoid – 10 Tricks Scammers Use

Find a Learning Community. I entered this space with the help of friends and then connected with Bees.Social, an amazing group working to educate people new to Web3 (bee holders have added benefits but owning one is not required to access learning opportunities). My pic to get started: Social Bees University Discord (if you’re new to Discord, see #6).

Listen to Podcasts. Listening to people share their expertise and personal experiences can help make sense of topics. My pics to get started: NFTs for Newbies, The Gary Vee Audio Experience, and The Gentlemen of Crypto.

Explore Twitter. Twitter is a great way to access people working in this space and also to listen to conversations. My pic to get started: A Guide to Crypto Twitter.  

Learn Discord. Community is a big part of NFTs and Discord is where you’ll find it. You’ll use Discord to share info, learn about whitelists, participate in contests, and more. It’s not the most intuitive platform for me, but Slack users will probably dive right in. My pics to get started: How Discord Works in 148,000 Milliseconds or Less and NFT Discord Scams and How to Avoid Them.

Independent Research. Between podcasts, Twitter, and Discord, you’re positioned to research concepts and projects that are of interest. Check out the resources throughout this site on topics of greatest interest to you. My pic to get started: ​​How to Find and Evaluate NFT Projects.

Repeat Step 2–Develop a Personal Scam Detector. I can’t underscore this enough.

Open an Exchange. Coinbase and Gemini are popular options. You’ll find resources on this site that explain the role of an exchange in this process. My pic to get started: How to Use Coinbase and How to Use Gemini

Open a Wallet. I use MetaMask, which is part of the Ethereum blockchain, but there are other options. Don’t forget to write down your seed phrase and keep it in a safe place. My pic to get started: MetaMask Tutorial for Beginners – How to Set Up MetaMask   

Create an Account on a Marketplace. I started with OpenSea, but wherever you shop, beware of scams. My pic to get started: 10 tips for avoiding scams & staying safe | OpenSea Tips & Tricks and How to Avoid Common Crypto NFT Art Scams on OpenSea (and Everywhere Else Too!)

Learn About Gas Fees. Gas fees to make transactions can fluctuate, so you’ll need to know when to buy. My pic to get started: ​​How Ethereum Gas Fees Work in DeFi

Secure crypto. Most of my transactions happen on the Ethereum blockchain, but other options exist. My top pic: How to buy Ethereum.