Start Doing

These quick links will help you get setup to make transactions. But remember

  • NEVER provide your wallet seed phrase/private key
  • Study as many safety resources as possible
  • Do more research–this is only to help get started


Crypto Scams to Avoid – 10 Tricks Scammers Use (video), by Whiteboard Crypto

Metamask–DON’T get HACKED! 😱😱 TIPS (video), with ArturoFM

Ethereum Network

MetaMask (Ethereum wallet)

MetaMask MetaMask Tutorial for Beginners – How to Set Up MetaMask (video), with Money ZG

3 Minute Tips: What Are Gas Wars? (article), by Danielle Phillips

How to register an ENS name for your wallet address (article), by Teju Adeyinka

Tutorial on purchasing an ENS domain (video), by thatguyintech

Solana Blockchain

Phanthom (Solana wallet)

Crypto Exchanges

CoinBase (crypto exchange)

How to Use Coinbase (video), Tech Insider

Gemini (crypto exchange)

Wallet Management

CoinGecko (crypto prices)

Coin Market Cap (crypto prices)


Opensea (Ethereum)

Solanart (Solana)


Decentraland (virtual world)

Sandbox (virtual world)



How Discord Works in 148,000 Miliseconds or Less (video)

How To Use Discord (2021)