About Me

Quick & Dirty Background

  • My name is Cynthia
  • Born in Detroit, raised in Southfield, MI
  • Tested highest in my kindergarten class
  • Barely graduated from high school
  • Went to Hampton U–got back on track
  • Became a vegetarian
  • Had spinal cord surgery
  • Learned to walk again (hence, the cane)
  • Attended University of Michigan for grad school–finished with a MS & PhD
  • Worked for a research firm in DC
  • Picked up another masters at Georgetown (I don’t leave PD funds on the table)
  • Joined the Kapor Center in Oakland to work on tech’s diversity problem
  • Gained 20 pounds during the pandemic
  • Lost 20 pounds (thank you Supernatural!)
  • Dove into NFTs, crypto, XR, all things fueling Web3
  • Excited for what we’ll see in the metaverse!
  • Set on getting more Black folks excited about building Web3